Rose Valland is one of the greatest and yet unknown heroines of World War II. After risking her life spying on the Nazis, day after day for four long years, Rose lived to fulfill her destiny: locating and returning tens of thousands of works of art stolen by the Nazis during their occupation of France. Yet her remarkable story, like much of her personal life, has remained unknown to the broad public… until now.

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Brilliantly researched and vividly written, Saving Italy brings readers from Milan and the near destruction of The Last Supper to the inner sanctum of the Vatican and behind closed doors with the preeminent Allied and Axis leaders: Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Churchill; Hitler, Göring, and Himmler.

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"The Monuments Men," Directed by and Starring George Clooney.

As Hitler was attempting to conquer the western world,
his armies were methodically pillaging the finest art in Europe, from Michelangelo and Da Vinci to Van Eycks
and Vermeers, all stolen for the Führer.

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Rescuing Da Vinci uses 460 photographs to tell the
"untold story of the 'Monuments Men'" and their
discovery of more than 1,000 repositories filled with millions of items including paintings, sculptures,
furniture, archives and other treasures stolen
during WWII by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

World War II was not just the most destructive conflict in humanity, it was also the greatest theft in history: lives, families, communities, property, culture and heritage were all stolen.

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Beyond the Dreams of Avarice: The Hermann Goering Collection is the first biography to focus on Goering’s personal collection, providing the first opportunity since the war to look at the collection as a whole and evaluate its place within art collecting and politics.