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August 7th, 2008 | 5:44 pm

The ultimate flattery is having readers of my blog call our office to make sure I am feeling well out of concern that the absence of recent entries suggested otherwise.  I THANK YOU for your concern.  I know how busy everyone is and it is a supremely thoughtful gesture.  In fact, I am feeling quite well but I do need a vacation and happily, tomorrow it begins.  We have all been busy working on important planning for the Monuments Men Foundation growth and a tremendous investment of time and funds in the creation of the Educational Program now well underway involving The Rape of Europa documentary film.  This is a national effort due to our educational team and Advisory Board members being spread out across the country not to mention their summer travel, so the coordination of these efforts has been quite time consuming.  We are at this stage very pleased with the work we have assembled and that of the educators.  The end result will be a significant development and milestone in how we go about the teaching of cultural property, art, the Holocaust, war, and of course the heroes of the story—all those who worked so selflessly to protect our cultural treasures.

So I am off tomorrow for a short vacation with my son who shortly begins a new school in a new city and state.  I hope to return rested and ready to finish several critical projects along with resuming a heavy lecture schedule in the fall.  I will resume writing blog entries September 1st and until then, please have a great rest of the summer and be safe.

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